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Our team are passionate and provide realistic options to our clients, with mindfulness around financial constraints and environmental responsibility.

We manage the IT infrastructure for small, medium and large businesses. Our amazing clients range from startups, home businesses, consumer retailing, through to industrial corporations.

Learn about our vision, mission, strategy and values.

We are
IT geeks.

Local // remote services
PC // Apple repair & support
Server // network // internet support & setup

To minimise downtime, let COXTECH setup and manage your IT services.
We handle networks, computers and hardware.
COXTECH services Apple products such as iMacs, Macbook Pros (incl. Retinas), iPads and iPhones

Microsoft Services

We have over a decade of experience in Microsoft environments, ranging from desktops PCs, corporate servers and mobile devices.

We’re also a Certified Microsoft Partner.

We provide a number of Microsoft specific IT services, including setting up your own dedicated Microsoft Windows server (including Exchange/Azure) and maintaining your office workstations. Just ask to see what we can do for you or your business.

COXTECH services Apple products such as iMacs, Macbook Pros (incl. Retinas), iPads and iPhones

Apple Services

Our geeks have extensive knowledge of Apple technology and we have the expertise to assist your business with your Apple platform.

Have an Apple iMac, MacBook, iPad or iPhone? We can help with servicing Apple products. We diagnose issues, improve performance, reconfigure MacOS (formerly OS X) or installed apps, setup scheduled backups through Apple TimeMachine (or custom backup solutions) and more.

COXTECH services Apple products such as iMacs, Macbook Pros (incl. Retinas), iPads and iPhones


Do you have the fastest internet available at your location?  Want us to take a look to see if you are getting the speed you should be?

We can help optimise your connectivity to the net, maximising your online experience.
You’ll get more done in less time.

We can help with NBN Fibre, NBN Fixed Wireless, 4G, HSDSL, EFM, Ethernet, Wireless, Microwave and much more.




COXTECH services Apple products such as iMacs, Macbook Pros (incl. Retinas), iPads and iPhones


Do you need help with your network?

We assist businesses with planning, installing and maintaining their networks. We specialise in wireless or hybrid connection networks.




COXTECH services Apple products such as iMacs, Macbook Pros (incl. Retinas), iPads and iPhones


As a Microsoft Certified Cloud Partner, we will get you up and running with world-class business email and online services.

COXTECH use and recommend Office 365 as a mail service due to its brilliant collaboration features, reliability, integrations, security and ease of use.

Contact us today and we’ll get you up and running with a custom business email address.




We are
web geeks.

Website design & development
Stores // forms // apps // SEO
Hosting & domains

We get that it’s important to have a strong online presence that actually delivers results for your business.
We have a dedicated web development team – let us help you with your web projects.
COXTECH services Apple products such as iMacs, Macbook Pros (incl. Retinas), iPads and iPhones

Website design & build

All websites we build have responsive design in mind, ensuring your website will look great on every device. We’re able to develop custom solutions in-house: from integrations with existing APIs, products or services, to migrating data from old clunky web platforms. Let us know what you’re looking into doing, it’s likely we’ve done something similar before.

Our expert web geeks will build you a uniquely designed website, working within your budget. We also build online stores using modern eCommerce platforms that directly integrate into WordPress, providing a central source of management for your online business. We can do tailor-made integrations.

For a quote, come by our office or give us a call, we can’t wait to get started on your web project!

Some of the websites we’ve built …










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… and over the past 15 years, we’ve built and managed over 300 more!

COXTECH services Apple products such as iMacs, Macbook Pros (incl. Retinas), iPads and iPhones


Our latest server infrastructure utilises the latest top-tier, battle-tested technologies. Any website built by COXTECH runs on a hybrid HTTP2 Apache/NGINX stack, blazing fast PHP7, all distributed through a CDN to deliver your content more quickly, wherever you and your viewers are in the world.

Get in touch to switch your exisiting hosting to us, or contact us today about your hosting options if you are thinking of setting up a website.


COXTECH services Apple products such as iMacs, Macbook Pros (incl. Retinas), iPads and iPhones


Protect your online identity and secure a domain name to match your business name or business function.

By partnering with registrars, we’re able to swiftly acquire and manage your domains, in addition to investigating potential sources for other domain name extensions you may require. Domains generally cost $30 per year and are billed on a 12 month cycle. Please note that these will be quoted on a per domain name basis as the the costs may vary depending on domain name extension.



We are

Android & iOS apps
Internet of Things
Linux & Unix

We love a challenge at COXTECH.
Got a tech project in mind, but not sure how to get started?
Contact us, let’s see what’s possible.

Extend your reach with an app 

Have you considered an app for your business?

Apps mobilise your business and get your products into the hands of your clients, staff and contractors. We have designed and built a variety of native, hybrid and web apps and look forward to working with you to bring your project to life. Get in touch with us for a quote.

AP Delaney civil engineers and contractors app designed and developed by COXTECH

Linux & IoT

It seems as though a day doesn’t go by where we aren’t experimenting with the wide world of Linux and Unix flavours in the office, for all kinds of applications and configurations.

From servers, to lightweight router-targeted distributions such as OpenWRT, to Raspbian on Raspberry Pis. Try us, we bet we’ve worked on it! We love a challenge to fix or create something that’s just a little bit different. From digital art gallery exhibitions and billboards, to custom weather station integrations onto your website, amongst numerous other Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

Let us know what you’re working on – we’d love to help.

COXTECH services Apple products such as iMacs, Macbook Pros (incl. Retinas), iPads and iPhones

Get to know us.

The geeks working with you to make things happen …

Damian Cox (Head Geek) at COXTECH

Damian Cox


Damian loves to provide solutions to complex client problems. Damian has worked in many sectors, has huge IT support experience and is highly organised. When not in COXTECH mode—which is like never really, Damian will be found on his computer/laptop/mobile/ipad/whatever-other-device-he-can-get-his-hands-on, at family gatherings or skiing 🙂

Brad Goddard (Geek) at COXTECH

Taleia Thorne


Taleia is excited to help others with their IT needs putting her advanced math knowledge to work. She cannot wait to meet, greet and help you. Like all young adults she is addicted to her phone and can advise on social media and good memes 🙂 and is a movie fanatic and graphic novel enthusiast.

Tamara Cox (Geek) at COXTECH

Rishav Rocky


Rishav is an honest hardworking individual who is passionate about technologies. Always keen to learn new things. Having a positive attitude towards looking at problem solving, ability to own, analyze and lead to rational solutions for better customer experience. On the other hand he loves social company, music, cooking and long drives.

Jossee McCrostie (Admin/App Geek) at COXTECH

George Graham


George is passionate about helping others with anything technology related or life in general. He loves playing guitar, cooking a nice steak, filmography and wood working. He is always keen to learn new things and not afraid of putting his hand up.

Jossee McCrostie (Admin/App Geek) at COXTECH

Haydon Boyd

Haydon is an IT jack-of-all-trades who is eager to apply his diverse knowledge towards helping others and pick up any new skills along the way. In his spare time, Haydon can be found obsessing over anything music-related, playing video games or watching Formula 1.
Tamara Cox (Geek) at COXTECH

Mayur Chauhan


Mayur is our resident Web Geek. He owns the problem at hand and is up to the challenge of coming up with better alternatives. Apart from IT, he loves travelling to the mountains and the beaches.

Jossee McCrostie (Admin/App Geek) at COXTECH

Nishant Pandav

Nishant is a problem solver and a change-maker. He enjoys studying people and making their lives easy through his design and development skills. He loves dogs, coffee and balancing his gluttony by running and biking long distances.
Jossee McCrostie (Admin/App Geek) at COXTECH

Janice Kwan


Janice is energetic and self-motivated individual, providing sales support to management and the team. She enjoys exciting challenges, implementing new ideas and putting them into action. Goal orientated and highly focused, she is a real team player. She has proven years of client liaison and account relationship management. She works on customer service focused activities through lead follow up and prospecting to source new sales and customer-based opportunities.

Jossee McCrostie (Admin/App Geek) at COXTECH

Jossee McCrostie


Jossee holds down the fort front-of-office. She’s proven herself as incredibly versatile, having thrived in a number of industries and locations, not to mention managing a family of her own. Jossee’s also our go-to geek for mobile app development and increasingly web design — a skill that she’s picked up in no time.

Jossee McCrostie (Admin/App Geek) at COXTECH

Victoria Robinson


Our Business Manager Victoria (aka Vicki) is passionate about her morning coffees. She recently joined our team, bringing along her superpowers and huge experience in managing teams and business operations. She excels in business administration, HR, business development, project and change management.

Jossee McCrostie (Admin/App Geek) at COXTECH

Michael Ludemann


Michael is a hands-on guy. He likes to be involved and is just generally interested in life. He likes to deconstruct and to take a look from different perspectives. He would prefer to repair than replace. Michael has spent the last 30 years or so in sales and / or as general manager of business in a variety of fields. If Michael’s not at work or at home pulling something apart, then check the local surfing or sailing hot spots; good chance he could be there.

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